Newsletter, October 2019 

Hi everyone, 

I wanted to take a moment to reach out and say hello, let you know about some upcoming shows, and share a bit of new music (download at bottom of this email). 

The leaves swirling outside my window in Pointe-Claire today serve as a constant reminder of where we are on the calendar. Nice to just watch them, and step out of the news cycle for a moment. The coming, relatively bitter election here and the Late Empire and its apocalyptic overtones to the south are fairly relentless if you consume…

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Newsletter, September 2019  

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the summer! This year I did a little touring and some family travel -  a couple weeks in Europe in August, which was a great little break. 

I have a cool new album with my project Sussex now available for purchase at the STORE and a slate of Fall dates to let you know about. All the shows, including a return to the great Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in my home province of New Brunswick, are listed at my TOUR page. 

Highlights also include a return to…

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Home Routes Tour Take 5: Day 1 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

I arrived in Saskatchewan yesterday  morning. The 5:30 a.m. flight to Toronto necessitated rising at 3:30 to get over to Trudeau Airport in time. Despite the early waking hour, I was glad I did. The lineup for security was the longest I have ever seen anywhere in 20 years of touring. Lots of people fleeing Montreal's endless winter. 

I was off to tour in Saskatchewan, which I have often thought of as a cousin to my home province of New Brunswick. A slightly overlooked place…

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Don Walker's Gibson   

The 71st anniversary of the D-day invasion, which launched the Invasion of Normandy was June 6. This historic event was the beginning of the end for the Nazis and the first step for the Allies retaking Europe. For most of my life, my connection to this important battle was kind of vague. As a Canadian, I was grateful for the sacrifices of so many brave souls who fought there but I had no personal link. None of my family, as far as I knew, had been involved. But then something changed to bring it into better…Read more

Measures of Success  

Teaching others about things is the best way to retain them yourself, or so they say. And in general I have to agree. But it can also be the way you unlearn something you’ve known—or thought you’d known—for many years.

This occurs to me because I have a gig in 10 days giving a group of young musicians a four-hour primer on the music business. After more than 20 years doing this music thing full- or part-time, I figure I know a fair bit by now. And I do, but the ground is shifting so fast.  I have given many…Read more