1. Floating
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Floating (Rob Lutes)

She walks down through the shadows just before the sky turns black
Beside the water’s edge she lets the robe fall down her back
Wades into the silky dusk light off the old boat shack

Crawling through the shallows, the earth crumbles in her hands
She cracks the chilly stillness as she glides away from land
Out towards the middle she lets her lungs expand

No burning doubt
No thoughts about

Out into the flow
Carried on the sound
Someday she may know
Tonight she is unbound

She listens to the movement deep within the wooded hills
Never felt so alive, never felt so still
She lets her head fall back and the world be what it will

All the weight


She walks up through the shadows now, follows the well-worn tracks
Peer in through the kitchen window, feels the water still on her back
A little light spills out the door, she left it open just a crack