1. Glory
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Glory (Rob Lutes)

Sun at the bridge as the earliest stars
Dangle their feet on the sand
We’re lined up like holes in a hollow jar
To catch all the night that we can

But these evening breezes that bring us the chills
And the fragrance of fire on the mist
The longing and laughter that breathe in these hills
No one can hold in their fist

Glory glory hallelujah
Glory glory hallelujah Amen

When you’re strong enough, you can leave it alone
And to your own nature confide
Through willows and winters and wanders back home
With the moon and your mind at your side

Glory Glory hallelujah, amen

And then we will take our rest when the scenery shifts
All our stories still float on that sea
They’ll carry us out and we’ll merrily drift
Where it’s just like we dreamed it would be

Glory glory hallelujah Amen