From the recording Rob Lutes - Blues


As My Heart Will Allow (Rob Lutes)

You got a face that I can’t shake
And I want to understand
Why things are built and laid to waste
And the water shapes the land

Dressed up relic, cold eyes cast
On the dying autumn light
Looking for someone to pass me
Fire in the night

Faded boat lies in that field
Nothing it can tell
About the wounds the water healed
Or the lives that knew it well

And when the land is locked in ice
The whole world waits to play
Just because things don’t feel nice
Does it mean you lost you’ve lost your way

But I’d sure like to know
Why’s the devil always go
Swinging through my mind
On a rope of jungle vine
There’s better bells to hear
But they don’t ring out so clear
Still I listen everyday

I notice you now that you’re not around
And you will not stop by
And I’m too old to chase you down
Too cold to tell you why

But if things are made to be set free
One day I’ll find out how
To look on as amusedly
As my heart will allow
To look on as amusedly
As my heart will allow