Life is short. This is something that seems self-evident, but in some ways we live as if it will go on forever. My life, like all of our lives, has been so many different things at different times. One of the truest things I could say throughout it all is that it has been a sort of search.  And at many times, it's been a struggle.

This page of my web site will feature an assortment of ideas, videos, interviews, and all sort of other materials, from the silly and plainly promotional to the more sublime and spiritual, that I have found helpful musically and in life. I'll even post some of my writing process and early song iterations for anyone who might be interested. 

Some of it is might be that good gritty material for finding the right path. May we all find it. 

This is one of my favourite of the many Ajahn Brahm talks from the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. Practical wisdom is his stock in trade.

Nils Lofgren's story is almost hard to believe, and the early days of his association with Neil Young in the early 1970s is one of the most incredible parts of it. Here he talks about his work with Neil, good times and tough times. I have a huge amount of respect for Lofgren and his professionalism and musicality.