September 17, 2014

I'm happy to be going back to the Folk Music Ontario Conference in Toronto this year. I'll be doing four showcases on Saturday, October 18 and hosting Folk Quebec's afternoon showcase that day. I'll be putting the full schedule up on my tour page in the coming days.

One of the showcases I'm doing is with Artists for ArtsCan, raising money for ArtsCan Circle -- a fine organization that sends musicians and artists (and instruments) to remote First Nation communities in Northern Canada to engage youth in workshops in the arts.

A link to my donation page is below. Please check it out. It has more info and a link to the ArtsCan Circle homepage. Donations of $20 or more receive a tax receipt! Donations of $40 or more get a signed CD from me along with the receipt! Thanks for reading and helping out if you can!

Artists for ArtsCan - Rob Lutes

September 1
, 2014

A summer of travelling and writing leaves me ready for a new musical project this fall. Along with playing a number of Rob Lutes gigs in various formats, I'll be working with a new group called Sussex, with a good friend of mine (and a heavy player!), Michael Emenau along with some other Montreal players. It's a hybrid thing, a roots thing, a jazz thing and a new thing that we don't quite know how to peg. But it's pretty cool. And we'll be recording this fall and I'll be posting some excerpts to the site.

For this month, it is collaborating time, but I will be at Cafe Namasthe on Sept. 5 and playing a series of shows for the MacAuslan Brewery 25th Anniversary celebration. Peter MacAuslan has ben very good to me and the Montreal arts community. Personally, he helped fund a cross-Canada tour for me in 2008. For the Montreal arts community in general, he's been a great investory... for the Fringe Festival, the Folk Festival on the Canal and dozens of other projects.

See the tour page for details on that event.
Be well,

May 14, 2014

For a quick way to check out some entire tunes, visit Rob's soundcloud page and listen to tunes here:

Rob Lutes on Soundcloud

April 28, 2014

Welcome, thanks for dropping by. In the new department, first,  I was happy to be recently nominated for two 2014 Lys Blues Awards (it's the Quebec equivalent of the Maple Blues I suppose) one for songwriting and one for roots artist. Voting is over, so no need to fear or go to any link. I appreciate the folks who found my stuff worthy of the nod, which is my ninth or tenth. The songwriting award is both for my 2013 album The Bravest Birds and for four songs I contributed to Dawn Tyler Watson and Paul Deslaurier's latest album Southland. My wife Monique Riedel deserves a nod here too, as she co-wrote two of the tunes for Dawn and Paul.

A few festivals coming up this summer, including Montreal Folk Festival on the Canal, but after a busy year, things are settling a bit. It's a welcome break. 

May peace follow you wherever you wander. 


Here's the Lys Blues link in case you're interested to check out the nominees. 

And a couple live videos from a recent Europe tour. 

"The Tree" Live at the Cafe d'Amer, Amen, the Netherlands

"Things We Didn't Choose" live at The Slotplaats, Bakkeveen, the Netherlands

If the Blues Don't Shake You, Woody Point

The Bravest Birds - Rob Lutes
GET THE BRAVEST BIRDS on iTunes or buy digital downloads or the CD right here:
Store |

A Photo Gallery from the Montreal Launch of The Bravest Birds is up on the Photos and Video page.


, the highly anticipated sixth full length CD from Rob Lutes, was released on January 31 with a launch at Montreal's La Sala Rossa. The CD is currently #1 on the EuroAmericana Chart, #6 on the Roots Music Report (Canada) and #13 on the FAR Chart.

Rob and his longtime guitarist Rob MacDonald are embarking on a short tour of the Maritimes for shows between February 26 and March 3. Visit the tour page for more information.

For information on the CD, including song lyrics and purchase info, visit bravestbirds.cfm

Two new videos below: "Still Dark" from Director Michael Wees, and an 8-mm collage video for "Things We Didn't Choose" by Nisha Platzer.  

Early Reviews:

“I love The Bravest Birds even more than 2008’s Truth and Fiction, which I consider to be one of the top ten folk/roots albums of the last decade.” Julie Miller, CFLX

"Jeez, I love this album ... a keeper and a classic ... brilliant songs, great arrangements, a killer band. The past and the present all at once. I never get tire of listening to it. In another era it would already be a monster ..."
Greg Quill

"A man who has a back catalogue of consistent excellence but this tremendous new album of rootsy, bluesiness with more than a few hints of country could well turn out to be his best yet!"
American Roots UK

"Lutes – a dependable songwriter with undeniable gifts – has assembled another collection of well-crafted tracks to keep the motor purring."
Bernie Perusse, Montreal Gazette

"A full dose of thoughtful songwriting and prime quality musicianship. 9/10"
No Depression

“With his sixth CD, Rob Lutes confirms his place among the most important songwriters of his generation.” Four stars.
La Presse, Montreal

"An incredibly strong mid-career set of songs. I've always been a fan of his mature writing and exceptional voice, but this record is a new triumph." Matt Large, Hello Darlin Productions

"Tears, laughter, dragons. He digs deep, and it's a thing of beauty. I'm not just enjoying listening to it, I'm being inspired -- for me, the best songwriters make me want to write my own. I don't know why, but as someone trapped in a dry patch, I think I'll be listening to a lot more of this CD."
Alyssa Wright -

***** (five stars)

"Bullseye for the sixth time. You could call him a rootsy singer songwriter but his albums have a richer and fuller sound than this term might suggest. His strongest ace is his husky, warm voice, with which he sometimes almost whispers but which also has a lot of power."
Kees van Wee, Heaven Pop Magazine



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